As we all know, Heat can be your best friend and it can also be your worst enemy.  You must respect it whenever possible because if there is no love to be shared with the Sun, it will certainly let you know at any given moment. 

This event will be taking place with the Sun above our heads and there are quite a few miles to look forward to.  So with that in mind, it would behoove you to not only respect the Sun, but your bodies as well. 

Here is what I need for you to do in order to Prevent any Heat Injuries during the course of this March:

  1. YOU will be responsible for the well being of your body.  This means that you will stay Hydrated Before, During, and at the End of the March.
  2. YOU will wear Breathable Clothing/Uniforms along with good Tennis Shoes/Combat Boots that are broken in.
  3. YOU will wear the Appropriate SPF Level of Sunscreen Lotion to adhere to your bodies “Personal Preference”.
  4. YOU will ”Listen” to your body with no back-talking.  If your body tells you that you need to take a break, then do so.  Trust me, your body will thank you later. 


Traffic will become a factor once we get to 1st Street and Congress.  The two most important things to know when crossing the streets is this: GREEN means GO and RED means STOP. We will not stop traffic at anytime during this event.   While crossing the streets, there will be Personell posted in the middle of the road to escort the Participants across each street.