Our mission is to visually spread the word throughout the  community by walking for the Friends and Families of America who have lost Loved ones due to the Global War on Terror.  We want them to know that we will never forget that we are still losing Americans overseas and we will do our part to remind not only the community, but America too!

In 2007, Army Staff Sergeant David J. Mendiola picked up an issue of the GX magazine, which is an Army National Guard Magazine that is distributed nationwide. While flipping through the magazine, his attention was drawn to a picture of a Soldier carrying our Nations Colors while walking down a road.  The article was about a Tenn. Army National Guard Soldier by the name of Army Master Sergeant James P. Williams, who marched nine miles in remembrance of the Soldier’s that died in his Unit due to the Global War on Terror.  The article moved him in such a way that he immediately went to his First Line Supervisor and insisted that they do something like this as well.